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Lava Hike to see lava in Hawaii are extreme Big Island hike to experience the  current Hawaii lava flows.  For adventure seekers this is one of the best things to do on the Big Island Hawaii. Get uplose views of hot lava on a real lava adventure to see, hear and feel the heat of lava in Hawaii.  Walk over rough lava terrain, muddy jungle conditions, step over lava cracks, under fallen trees, and can include hiking up steep trail grades.   We do not recommend this tour for children under 7 years of age, those with recent leg or foot injuries, or any other health problems that may be aggravated by a rigorous hiking please consult your doctor before booking. Our lava hikes cover a vast amount of terrain anywhere from 6-8 miles per trip, call for recent conditions.  Lava Hikes walk you to See Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii flowing from Volcano Kilauea.

Highlights include:

  • Hawaii Volcano Tour to see active lava upclose from Mt. Kilauea
  • Big Island Hike in a private nature reserve
  • Small group guided lava hike to hear the sounds in a native Hawaiian forest
  • Enjoy eating a picnic lunch in a nature preserve
  • Extreme Lava Hikes in Hawaii offer great surface lava flow action right now
  • Feel the heat under your feet, hear the crackling of the lava while keeping an eye out for surface outbreaks.

Restrictions: Physical – Must weigh between 70 and 250 lbs. Participants must be able to walk over uneven terrain and handle 6-10 miles of hiking in muddy tropical forest. This lava tour is not for the faint of heart, no whimpy whiners.  You will get muddy, wet and see flowing laon this real lava adventure.
What to Bring & Wear: Pack a hearty lunch we suggest a sandwich, snacks, comfortable hiking shoes(sneakers or hiking boots), 2 pairs of long socks, long pants suggested, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, hat. Bring a spare change of clothes for after tour you will get muddy

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  1. How much hiking do we do? Lava Hike distances vary depending on where the volcano is eruption on average we hike 6-8 miles round trip spending 1 hour viewing lava flows.
  2. Is there elevation gain? Short ascents and descents thought trail but no significant elevation climb.  The mud and forest debry (downed trees, mud holes, tree roots, etc) are the main lava hike obstacles.
  3. What is the lava temperature and how close will we get? Hawaii Lava flow temperatures vary between 1,292 to 2,192 °F that said you can get as close as your body can take. Many times smaller outbreaks from the lava tube allow for cooler flow that we can get you up close to view.

Tours daily except Sundays. Approximately 7 hours round trip, departs from Hilo to Volcano depending on current eruption you must have car for transportation.

Snacks, granola bars, nuts and extra water.

Walking sticks, back packs, rain ponchos, flashlights.

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