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Humpback Spy Hop Kona Kohala Coast

Whale Watching Big Island First Sighting 2016

Over the past couple days we’ve seen Humpback Whale spouts on our drive to Kawaihae South Harbor. On October 29th while getting the “Lavakai II” geared up for the upcoming 2016 Whale Watching Tour Season less then a mile off shore of the harbor outside Pelekane Bay we watched as 2 whales spouted. Lucky it was almost lunch time and too hot to keep working, so John and I decide to go have luch with the whales, heading offshore to take a closer look. Exactly 3/4 of a mile from the harbor straight out from the Pu`ukohola Heiau “Hill of the Whale”, was two adult Humpback Whales cruising along looking ready to settle in for their winter vacation on the Big Island.


Humpback Spy Hop Kona Kohala Coast

Humpback Spy Hop Kona Kohala Coast

Once within a comfortable range of the whales we cut the engines to listen. Realizing we were ill prepared for serious whale watching we were equipped only with a cell phone, the couple shots we attempted were a blur, while our whale photos were not impressive the intimate whale show that followed was. After about five minutes of sitting still in the tranquil waters of the Kona- Kohala Coast watching as the pair exhaled spouting into the tropical air, we decided to deploy our hydrophone to test out the newly installed surround sound speaker system. Oh boy you could hear and feel the whale songs as they echoed throughout the boat. And then as if she heard us the larger of the 2 whales spy hopped propelling 1/3 of her body out of the water as if she was checking us out, a magical whale experience like seeing a loved one of the first time in monthes.  As we looked at her eye to eye although just a moment it seemed an eternity.  Shortly after both whales took a final breathe and showed us the signature whale watch goodbye tail wave.While NOAA ship Hiialakai and Captian Andy’s Sailing Adventures spotted the first Humpback back on September 29th, 2015, off the island of Niihau, October 29th is awfully early for  Humpbacks to visit the Kona-Kohala Coast.

Lavakai II docked at Kawaihae Harbor South

Lavakai II docked at Kawaihae Harbor South the whale watching captial of the Big Island

Our dedicated Whale Watch Cruises while begin on friday November 20, 2015 departing at 10AM from Hawaii’s newest boating facility Kawaihae South.  This brand new harbor offers a great place to go whale watching from as its located within the Hawaiian Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary waters and offers modern guest friendly docks.  While Hawaii Whale Watch Season is most previlant December 15-March we think that these early season visitors are looking to have a whale of a time! Time to clean your lenses and get the camera gear together Whale season is upon us.

Captain Shane Turpin

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